Monday, July 11, 2011

Study Physics at WIT

Hi all sorry about the lack of posts lately been very busy with college and work. I am posting today to bring to your attention a new physics degree at my local college, Waterford Institute of Technology. It is a new four year honours degree in Physics for Modern Technology.

If you have ever wondered about any of the following questions then a physics degree maybe for you

  • How do they fit so many songs onto an iPod?
  • How does a rainbow form?
  • How does an MRI work?
  • How does the inner structure of the atom relate to vast structure of the universe?
These and many more questions can be answered as you undertake a degree in physics.

This course is very much inter disciplinary in nature, students will gain a very good physics understanding in the areas of semiconductors, photonics, optics, alternative energy and sensor systems. In addition to the physics modules students will gain skills in mathematics, programming and engineering. These skills make graduates highly sought after in many areas of industry and research.

A work placement is included in the third year of this course.  This work placement can be in industry or part of a research group. This is an essential part of a modern degree. Students have an opportunity to develop skills in communication, organisation and team work. Previous graduates have worked in a wide range of industries which included companies like Analog Devices (Limerick, Ireland), Nprime (Sheffield, England), ESA (European Space Agency, Noordwijk, The Netherlands) and Feed Henry (Waterford, Ireland). In fourth year students undertake a research project and also have a choice of several elective modules.

To apply for this course for the forthcoming academic year 2011/2012 please apply directly to the college. To apply download the following form, BSC (Hons) Physics for Modern Technology. Applications are currently open and close on Tuesday 11th August 2011. I would suggest to apply sooner rather than later as interest in this course may be high. For more infomation about this course please refer to course page at the WIT website or alternatively contact course leaders Dr. Claire Keary or Ms. Catherine Walsh.

For me a choice to return to education a few years ago having worked in industry for almost 10 years was an easy one when WIT started to offer a honours physics degree. The Department of Computing, Maths & Physics is excellent. The staff are extremely helpful with both their time and understanding. Class sizes are generally small to medium (between 8-15), for me personally this makes learning for more interactive as time can be given to discussions of topics that would otherwise be difficult in large class sizes. The college facilities are very good, the college has an excellent library and sport facilities. Student life is vibrant for the viewpoint of both a traditional student and a mature student. Work placement for me was a great experience, I worked with a company in the UK called Nprime. They are a data acquisitions and analysis company. It was a very exciting and stimulating place to work. I spent most of time working abroad in several places on the European mainland doing installations and telemetry work for various customers. I believe the work placement in a college degree is essential for making a more rounded and employable graduate.

If you have any questions from a student point of view please email me at I would have nothing but praise for this course and would highly recommend it. Hopefully a few people reading this will be taking up the offer if so I look forward to seeing you in September.